Is it possible to return a product to Walmart if you don’t like it?

The legislation regulates the main aspects of legal relations in the field of sale and purchase of goods. The main point that you should pay attention to is the return of products in case of detection of defects, defects, as well as proper quality in case of non-compliance with the desired characteristics.

A hypermarket that provides a large assortment of items can introduce its own rules and adjustments into the sales structure and mechanism for returning items. They must not contradict the provisions of the Consumer Protection Law, Articles 25 and 18, which clearly define the conditions and procedure for accepting goods back to the store.

Ulmart Network Review

Yulmart is an online cybermarket that offers its customers a wide selection of home appliances, electronics, computers and phones, as well as car tires, motor oils, products for the home, garden and children's goods.

What's special?

The company has 29 cybermarkets, and customers can receive goods at 280 delivery points in almost all cities of the Russian Federation.

A special feature of the company is that customers have the opportunity to independently pick up the purchased goods at one of the branches, as well as order home delivery.

The company periodically holds promotions on products.

The advantages include:

  • speed and efficiency;
  • the opportunity to buy quality products;
  • ease of use of the service;
  • constant operation of bonus systems.

The downside is that prices for some categories of goods are slightly higher than market prices.

The Yulmart store website looks like this: a photo of the product, a small description, the cost, it indicates whether it is in stock, and also displays similar products. More detailed functions include a full description, customer opinions, and a set of suitable accessories. If the customer is not satisfied with the purchased product, it can be returned or exchanged.

Corporate clients make payments by non-cash method:

  1. Using a balance sheet scheme (concluding an agreement). The client draws up a delivery agreement, after which the funds are transferred to Yulmart customer accounts. After receiving the money, you have the opportunity to choose products within the amount contributed. Each shipment is carried out according to appropriately executed documents. The advantage is that the procedure for creating and making changes, as well as shipping products, is simplified. Document flow is simplified, problems that arise are resolved more quickly.
  2. Payment according to the invoice (without concluding an agreement). Once the invoice has been issued, products can be reserved for 5 days. Shipment is carried out after full payment of the order.

Payment in cash is possible in the company store. You place an order, receive documentation from a company representative and deposit funds for the goods at the cash register. You can then receive the products from the warehouse or order delivery.

If the product does not meet quality standards, it can be returned. Find out how to return goods of inadequate quality.

How to get money back for a defective product? This article will tell you.


The price list has 3 columns, the choice of which depends on the purchase price.

The client can focus on the second column all the time; it is permanent.

The third is available after confirmation. If you made a purchase in the amount of up to 400 thousand rubles. per quarter, a second price column will be reassigned and will remain there until you meet the conditions for using the 3rd column.

Let's look at it with an example.

The client purchased goods worth 141,000 at the beginning of September. From now on, he will purchase products at the cost of 3 columns until the end of the month. But if the turnover for 3 months (July - September) does not exceed 400,000 rubles , then from the beginning of October the buyer will be assigned a 2nd column. If this limit is exceeded from the beginning of month 3, the column will be fixed.

3) Payment with XXL Yulmart bonuses

The Ulmart store has long been a people's favorite because, in addition to discounts based on price columns, it also offered a cumulative bonus system for every purchase. Their main ( XXL-bonuses ) advantage is the ability to pay for the goods in full .

from June 16, 2021, Yulmart has made major changes to the operation of the XXL bonus program

Look for products in Yulmart with the sticker “ Bonuses as a gift

In short, promotional codes for the 3rd price column were eliminated in the summer of 2021

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