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Is it possible to return a product to Walmart if you don’t like it?
The legislation regulates the main aspects of legal relations in the field of sale and purchase of goods. The main point on
The battery on the phone is swollen, there is a guarantee that they will be able to replace it.
What not to do After the battery is swollen, it is worth disconnecting it from the device to neutralize it
Frequently Asked Questions: Phone Refunds
Installing a SIM card You can skip this step, since it is not considered mandatory in setting up an Android device. But better
To be or not to be a penalty under clause 5 of Article 28 of the Law on the Protection of Consumer Rights in Disputes with Insurers?
Free legal consultation by phone: 8 The Consumer Rights Protection Law is aimed at regulating
A girl is reading a document, with purchases from a store nearby.
Return of goods of inadequate quality under Art. 24 of the Law on Protection of Consumer Rights
Regulated issues art. 24 PZPP: brief description and essence The designated Law explains the conditions
Article 30. Time limits for eliminating deficiencies in the work performed (service provided)
What it is? According to the Law of the Russian Federation dated 02/07/1992 N 2300-1 (as amended on 03/18/2019) “On
How to return a product that does not meet the stated requirements
You have the right to insist on the replacement of low-quality goods or a refund in accordance with Art.
A lot of furniture - refund for a low-quality sofa
Refusal of furniture in a lot of furniture Let them take their slag. but nothing to me
Can tobacco products be returned?
Can I exchange washing powder 2 days after purchase??
The rights of buyers, if the goods they purchased turned out to be of poor quality, are protected by the law “On the Protection of
Sportmaster guarantee for shoes how many days
Today in stores, markets, and boutiques you can find a huge number of shoes for any
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