Emissions during Construction: Impact, Control and Reduction
Bath Resurfacing: Extending the Lifespan and Revitalizing Your Bath
What is a sworn translation and when is it required?
How much does it cost to carry baggage on Russian airlines?
Surcharge for excess baggage There are 2 systems: weight; depending on the number of seats. If
default judgment
How to find out about court decisions via the Internet
Home / Complaints, courts, consumer rights / Litigation Back Published: 10/28/2020 Time on
What does “ticket without baggage” mean and what is important to remember
Just seven years ago, air ticket fares were standard and included the entire set
Promo code for Yulmart and Taxi
Is it possible to return a product to Walmart if you don’t like it?
The legislation regulates the main aspects of legal relations in the field of sale and purchase of goods. The main point on
Is everything according to the law, or can cold water be turned off for non-payment?
Legal side of the issue Decree of the Russian government No. 354 of May 6, 2011 states that
Refund of Aeroflot tickets (Instructions: how to return a ticket)
Sometimes even the best laid plans change. It seemed that everything was thought out to the smallest detail, planned long ago,
In the photo there is a man with a magnifying glass
What mistakes in advertising does the FAS fine advertisers for?
Ignorance of the law is not an excuse. However, some entrepreneurs are in no hurry to get acquainted
Lawsuit to recover money from builders for apartment renovations
Purchasing furniture is an expensive one, and furniture sets are included in the list
The battery on the phone is swollen, there is a guarantee that they will be able to replace it.
What not to do After the battery is swollen, it is worth disconnecting it from the device to neutralize it
Invalidity of contract terms that infringe consumer rights
A consumer is a client who bought a product or ordered a service for personal or family
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